Restoration & Construction, Part IV, Historic Windows and Doors

Original front door. Windows, Sashes and Doors, Oh My! by Ginger Graham In 2013, the State Historical Fund and History Colorado received a grant to evaluate the condition and historic features of our Feeders Supply building. Their 90-page report traces the building’s history from construction in 1910 until recent times, including details of a new $110 […]

Winter Citrus Salad

Fresh Salad Inspiration by Chef Deb Traylor I love the creative aspect of cooking.  In my mind, there’s nothing more exciting professionally, than playing with food and looking at a single ingredient or a produce item and asking the question, “what else can I do with this?”  Because I see food every day, it’s easy to […]

Blood Orange Meringue Pie

Food is love… by Chef Deb Traylor It’s rather difficult to write about food, family, and recipes each week and not put a little bit of myself in each sentence. Fact is, cooking is more than just my job or a career path I’ve chosen. It’s more than a way for me to be creative, […]

Restoration & Construction, Part III – Molasses!

Vintage Molasses Feed Sign Sticky Business by Ginger Graham While the external work on the new construction is highly visible, there is also a LOT of work going on inside the old Feed Mill that is not.  And it isn’t always pretty. The basement of the old Mill at 359 Linden Street was full of […]

Caramelized Onion Dip and Green Chile Pork Pies

Football food for the win Here at Ginger and Baker, we take our football food pretty dang seriously. Whether tailgating, heading to a potluck or putting on a spread at home, we’ve chosen two of our favorite dishes that win fans just about every time… no matter how the game might turn out. Slow cooked onions are […]