Restoration & Construction, Part II

It’s fun to see our name in front of all of this work. In a few months, the real Ginger and Baker sign will be on the front of the old Mill. The south and east outlines of the new building Footings, Forms & Foundation By Ginger Graham And so it continues! This is the second […]

Restoration & Construction Part I

Starting at the beginning by Ginger Graham Construction and renovation are well underway at the future site of Ginger and Baker and many people have expressed interest in the process of restoring our 100+ year-old building, so we’re excited to share our progress here on the blog.  In the next few renovation posts, we’ll work […]

Shaker Lemon Pie

Confessions of a lemon fanatic by Chef Deb Traylor  I am a lemon fanatic. F.A.N.A.T.I.C.!! I have 938 lemon recipe pins on a Pinterest board that’s labeled ‘I am a lemon fanatic!’ I may be slightly obsessed. If I’m completely honest, and I am always completely honest when it comes to food, I will walk […]

Sneak Peek at Our Plans!

History, Community, Creativity and Pie When people ask why we’ve undertaken the task of preserving this old building the answer is simple. It just seemed right. Our parents or grandparents were farmers and the building brings back memories. The way it feels, the smells, we’ve all been here before. It’s a part of an important connection […]